I have Hitpoints, want Tempo Nodes?

I have Hitpoints on every beat of a song, and want those “converted” to Tempo Nodes (tempo track).

Prior I have used “Merge Tempo From Tapping”. Whish is ok, and require to run through the song once.

Many moons aga (I guess 15 years), I remember I used a midi event on each beat, but can’t remember how I got that over to the tempo track. Is this an easy way to do in this modern day and age?

I have tried the Tempo Detection Tool, which gave me so much manual “Time Warp” tweaking that I can/might as well do it manually from the start.

PS. I miss my assistant (I have retired as of this year, he moved on :wink:) :slight_smile: . I am enjoying music even more now, when the “preasure” of money, deadlines, and delivery are off. So I keep on doing some freelance stuff when my health allows (but do not tell my wife :wink: ). No debt on the studio and the pension take care of food on the table and clothes.

Sorry for babling, back to the Hitpoints to Tempo Nodes.

I am open to all suggestions. Thanks in advance.


You can use the create midi notes from hitpoints function.
Once you have the midi track, switch the time base to linear and do the merge tempo from tapping.

When I have the midi notes, I set the midi track to time linear? Is that so?

And then run through the song tapping along? Or can you use the midi notes as “what I have tapped”?

PS. Not at my DAW atm. If I were I could just fire off some tests :wink:

Thanks again

Use that created midi track instead of “tapping along”.

If you got the hitpoints right, one for every beat, it should work.

Yep. I have all the Hipoints correct, one for every beat.

Here’s what I did (fired up my test-computer):
I used the “Hitpoints to Midi events” function (which played nicely along the song).
Then I did the “Tempo Detection” procedure using the midi file (tracked the tempo MUCH better than the audio file/files).
At last I used the “Set Definition From Tempo” on all the audio files in question.

Now I have a multitrack work project, in which I easily can manipulate the tempo up/down (editing/adjusting the tempo track). Together with the musicians I can establish the final tempo before we are starting up the real recording sessions (as mentioned, this is for good pre-production use only).

I can now also make rehearse mixes and include whatever the different musicians wants (drums, bass, guitars and a guide vocal).
I will build some click/guide tracks for the drummer to rehears with (and for later use while recording drums). The single click/cowbell can be somewhat “cramped” to work with. So now we can make something very simular to the intended feel and playing of the end product.
Yes this will be a well planned record project, including an extensive writing and pre-prod period (with a large budget not common these days :wink: ).

Thanks again misohoza (we need a Thumbs Up smiley) :slight_smile:

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will do :slight_smile:

Edit! Done :mrgreen:

It worked as explained above for one song, but not the next.

I can’t see what I did differently. Now I get the opposite result. The midi notes move instead of the tempo track nodes. ie move away from the audio source beats/hitpoints.

I have tried “all” musical mode on/off settings in there. I think :confused:

PS. Manual Time warp is actually faster for me, so far.

When I follow the manual, which tells you to have the event in one state, I get an error message to switch to the other mode (musical on/off).

It’s probably pilot error, but do Anyone have a small set of steps to pull this off in a repeatable fashion?

Thanks in advance.