i have made the jump... and have a first question..

to spectralayers pro 6.

something which also was strange in the previous version(s). i have an old wacom tablet, but functions perfectly. i can’t change for instance, the settings for a tool, it shows outside the editing screen, the tool in the dimensions, etc. so i can’t change it with the pen. i am not clear, it act outside the editing window as a an editing tool, not as a mouse… is it becuase of the old wacom tablet? it works perfectly in photoshop. and it strange, although it is an old tablet, the basics remain the same. or it is windows that does something…
also turning it around, which normally, works as the eraser does not work.

small first questions.

i will wait with more questions, untill i get the whole thing. i already learned some things, (3d is great for erasing frequences that overlap, but perhaps there is a better method.). still learning. only, when i think, this is going abobe my head (is that an english expression?), i will bother people here…

but first impression: great! i will use it mainly for sound design, but the option to use it within cubase, will add to the sounddesign… although the first use; was audio cleaning… i am not into audio cleaning, i like artefacts, but this was an artefact, a low hum, or low frequency, from 0-60 or so higher, produced by a smartphone. normally i use a field recorder. yes audio cleaning, will done. but mainly; i want to use it for creative (i hate that word…) purposes.

a too long story already. but i am enthousiastic!