I have problem with Transmit of Cubase.

I have problem with Transmit of Cubase.
please give me a reply if you know about how can I fix this problem.

the Transmit doesn’t work of Generic remote on my Cubase.

I’m using Midi controllers. And the Midi controllers that I use works properly on Cubase as Input.
But it doesn’t work mutually between Midi controllers and Cubase as the way that it has to.

It should be working as this video but it is not

Midi controllers can send signals to Cubase but Cubase can’t send anything to Midi controllers even I turn on the Transmit. (it’s supposed to can send the signal to each other as far as I know)

I’ve tried several times via various Midi controllers but it’s the same situation.

I don’t know why it doesn’t work properly


Could you share some screenshots of your setup?

Hi Martin

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It rings the bell here… There was something similar or very same some weeks ago here on the forum. But I can’t remember the solution. Could you try to search for it here on the forum, please?

Was the MIDI Channel 2 the issue (maybe the MIDI track has to be set to MIDI Channel Any…)? Or was it something else…? Something with the multiple Generic Remote Devices…?

Could you try to use any 3rd part MIDI Monitor app (like MIDIO-X on Windows) and test the data are transmitted from Cubase, please?

I think in the video it is not cubase that send anything.