I have the demo and bought cubase11 do i have to download all over

Just wondering because my demo says 11 pro but I’m not getting the plug-ins i thought i should. like Upright bass and other options. does the demo have everything and will it naturally switch over? thanks guys and gals

You can check your version on two ways, at least.

  1. Simply look at the splash screen while Cubase is starting up. This only shows up until it is loaded, unlike the following way where the window stays open.
  2. With Cubase open (you don’t need to have a project loaded, just the top menu bar is needed):
    Click Help → About Cubase

Upgrading from your trial version is smooth. Just buy the version you need and enter the Activation Code into the eLicenser Control Center on your computer, which is already installed with Cubase, while your USB dongle is plugged in. No need to re-install Cubase.

If you miss stuff, please be more specific, like mentioning which plugin you miss. There are many differences between each Cubase version.

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Yes the demo is the same as the full program so should have everything IF you downloaded everything.

As Gomorrha says above, if you feel there is something missing then it would be useful to know what exactly. Upright bass? The one in Halion SE presumably?
Some users seem to sometimes not get some of the content installed but it’s hard to offer advice without a fuller description of what’s mising.

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