I have to use Cubase 5.

I want to know if it would be possible to purchase Cubase 5. I have to use Cubase 5.

If purchasing Cubase 5 is not an option, I wonder if purchasing Cubase 8, get the eLicense issued to run Cubase 5.

I also want to know if I can download Cubase 5 from the Steinberg website. If it is something that can be done, would you explain how I can do so?

I want to buy the official Cubase 5 and would like to know if that’s feasible. Thank you.

Hello esther,
to my knowledge you should be able to run Cubase 5 with a license for Cubase 8. You just have to check which version (Artist/Pro). Pro will cover all smaller versions down to - I think - Cubase 4. There might be an issue with 32 Bit cubase on x64 systems.
You can download cubase 5 here :
I recomend to you to spend the $ 25 for a dongle and store the license in it.
But first check if somebody has a Cubase 5 license on sale (ebay ?). Maybe you’re lucky.




You can run Cubase 5 with Cubase Pro 8 license.

Yes, the full ISO of Cubase 5 is available from Steinberg website.

to. Zibin888

The FTP you gave me only has the manual and update file for Cubase 5.
I cannot find the full version. Perhaps I just can’t find it. If possible, I would like to download it from the official Steinberg website or the server.

You will need to contact support and ask for an ISO.

Cubase 5.5. ISO is available here.

Hi Martin,

Do you also have an ISO for Cubase 5.0 that you would post? I have everything going back to SX-3 except for 5.0 and would like to have it to fill out my Cubase files.



Sorry, I don’t know Cubase 5.0 ISO link. But Cubase 5.5 was a free update, so you can use it with your 5.0 license.

I think all these Cubase5 fans are people who dont wanna pay for the software, just saying
There’s a crack for cubase >v5

I don’t think, the crack works with the original Steinberg installer. I think, you have to install it from the crack-company installer (what is very risky, of course). And then, you cannot update your software to any other version, even Maintenance update.

So I really would recommend it.

You mean wouldnt recommend it…
If these no payers gets cubase 5.0, there’s patches and dongle emulators for 5.1x on the internet, no problem my friend.

And why on earth would people with valid licence use 5.1x when 5.5 was better (and free update)? Right.