I have turned my MBP on that has Cubase 8 Pro installed after a long time, but elicenser asks me to reactivate...?

I used to work back and forth with my new setup, I have booted my Cubase Pro on my MBP but it asks me to ‘reactivate for permenent license’…(*but I have already activated before and it never asked me such question)? Did something go wrong or do I just need to re-activate…?

My Cubase Dongle USB has all licenses for my Cubase versions…
It used to not ask me for activation because it has been activated ages ago.

Why does this happen…?


if you post a screen shot of your elicenser window, and the error message someone might be able to deduce the issue.

So basically, I have migrated to new mac mini about a year ago, and I have not turned my Cubase 8 Pro on my older MBP for about a year. So I tried to test something by booting in 32bit mode (MBP in High Sierra OSX) so I did that with eLicenser USB connected of course. Then, I got this message saying, “you have not activated eLicenser permenently… would you like to do it? or you have 24 hours of using Cubase either Artist or Pro…” *But to me, it was strange, because before buying the new mac mini I’ve been using Cubase 8 Pro on that computer like every day…haha

So, I usually do not use that MBP so I did not investigate further. But of course I have my eLicenser USB dongle and I have permanent licenses for all Cubase 8, 10 and 11 Pro and it all have been put into my dongle usb.

Just a strange message (must not be a major issue), maybe I should have updated the eLicenser app.

Um, when I reopen I will try to copy and paste the message and update on this forum! :slight_smile:
Thank you very much.

Probably just the eLicenser is outdated


I really hope so! thanks, civilization3 :slight_smile: