I have two set-ups, one home based one mobile, do I need two licences for VSTs?

I have two set-ups for recording, one Imac I used for most of my home recording and another laptop a Macbook Pro I use for my live performances but also for recordings away from home. I recently acquired Groove Agent 5 and also The Grand 3. I already have them installed and working properly on my imac. But if I wish to have the same set up for my mobile performances, I want to be able to use Groove Agent 5 or The Grand 3 away from home. Do I need to buy another copy of both to get it? Or is there a way to activate Groove Agent 5 on two machines?

The license for The Grand 3 & GA5 are still stored on the elicenser (dongle). Therefore, you can just install on the 2nd machine and move the dongle to that machine when in use.

Currently mine is not on a dongle since I am using Groove agent 5 and Grand 3 without a USB dongle. I suppose it must be somewhere on my Imac. How to I create a USB dongle with the licence?

For Groove Agent 5, you can claim a voucher to switch it to Steinberg Licensing, which allows you to activate it on up to 3 computers simultaneously:

Please note that the voucher isn’t available to versions of GA5 acquired through bundles, such as the Absolute VST Instrument Collection.

For The Grand 3, only one activation is available at a time, since it still uses the older eLicenser system. For licenses stored in a system drive, you can use the reactivation process to use the license in different computers:

This needs to be done every time you switch computers. Another alternative is to purchase an USB-eLicenser dongle. This will allow you to use The Grand 3 for as long as the dongle is connected to the computer that you intend to use.

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it will be cool to have the “Xtra library” with the new license…