I hear no sound with trying VST instrument

Hi everybody,

About 7 years ago, I used Cubase for a while, in a setup with Phonic Firefly 302 USB interface, a Yamaha digital piano with MIDI in/out (which I used for playing/recording VST instruments) and a microphone. Everything worked and I really loved it :-).

Now 7 years later, I want to start using Cubase again.
I have successfully installed Cubase 12 Artist and am using the same setup (interface, piano, mic). Cubase recognized the Firefly interface. When I play available loops and samples in Cubase, I can hear sound. When I press ‘play’ with the metronome switched on, I can hear the metronome.

The problem I encounter is that when I open the VST instrument, the HALion Sonic SE, I can’t hear any sound. I can see that if I press a key on my piano, the same key is being played in the HALion Sonic SE, but I don’t hear any sound.
If I look in the main screen, bottom right. I can see there’s ‘MIDI-in’ activity (a blue bar appears when I press a key on my piano), but there’s no indication of a signal in the ‘MIDI-out’ activity.

I am a total newbie, but that struck my attention…

So… the thing is, I can’t hear sound. And I wonder if anybody could help me out with this problem.

Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

greetings from The Netherlands,

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I would check your Audio Connections by pressing F4. Make sure that the correct outputs are being used in either the “Control Room” or “Outputs” tab.

Does it work if you temporarily disable your preferences? Hold Ctrl + Shift + Alt while Cubase 12 is starting up. This window should appear:

Did you enable the monitor switch?


Thank you for your reply.

I did enable the monitor switch. But it doesn’t change anything.

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Can you provide some screenshots?
It’s hard to tell what’s the problem without seeing what happens.

I guess you have loaded a sound from within HalionSSE?
Edit: You will not hear any sound from it after only loading it up, You have to select a sound from within it.


Are you trying to fool me?
If you hear sound when you play something, the problem is inside the project window.


OK… that was actually the problem…

I clicked on it, but I didn’t load the sound.

I thought I did something wrong in the setup, since I had problems with that 7 years ago as well…

I feel a little stupid now…

Thanks you for your reply…

I’ll be in the corner, shaming myself…

Have a nice weekend.

I apoligize for bothering you.
The problem I didn’t load the sound into a track…

I’ll be in the corner of my room now… feeling ashamed of myself…

Thanks for your replies.

have a nice weekend

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No worries, we all overlook/miss things, especially when they are new to us. Pleased to help. Have a great weekend too! :slight_smile:

You can delete your screenshots…