I hear quantization noise when using the "FX Modulator"

maybe I’m being too picky, but I heard quantization noise when I used the FX Modulator on the bass line. I will not write much.
You can see the problem here:

You can hear the problem here:

Evidently, the modulation graphs have insufficient accuracy due to a small number of intermediate points or improper interpolation between the intermediate points of the graph. Such a problem is not heard in similar third-party plugins. Is it really possible to improve the modulation curves in the next versions?

Does the Smooth parameter help? It’s meant to reduce artifacts created by sudden parameter changes.

Sudden changes in parameters can cause clicks. And quantization noise occurs on relatively steep sections, for example here:

The Smooth parameter does a good job of fighting clicks, with quantization noise - not so much as the curve is already smooth.
Of course, as the Smoothness parameter increases, the noise also decreases, but at the maximum “Smooth” value, I get a completely different curve compared to initial and desired one.

“CUBASE 12.0.40:
We have improved the quality of the FX Modulator plug-in when using fast volume modulation settings.”

Thanks to the developers. After the update, the quantization noise really disappeared.