I hope it's just me

I have Cubase Pro 12.0.20 and WaveLab Pro 11.0.30 (build 114) installed on the same computer running on Windows 11 last updated on May 11. Between many plugins I have a bunch bought from Plugin Alliance. These plugins are looking and behaving differently in Cubase as opposed to WaveLab. In Cubase, the presets that are coming with the plugins are available and work as expected. In WaveLab, there is no way I can see/use these presets.

This is an example - Amek EQ 200 in Cubase Pro 12:

If you press the scroll box you have access to the presets that come with the plugin:

This is the same plugin in WaveLab Pro 11:

And this is what you get if you press the (much larger) scroll box:

I hope it’s just me…

There was a recent Plugin Alliance update which added Windows 11 compatibility:

I have a few Plugin Alliance plugins including the Amek (I confess I don’t use any of them much). I’m running Windows 10 current build and they look and behave as expected.

Maybe a Windows 11 thing?

Thanks, Paul; I have that update already installed.

I’m not a Windows user but so far it seems to be just you. If you press the “Organize Presets” option in that preset menu, do you see anything there? Does it take you someplace strange?

Fine for me on Win10.

Thank you, Justin_P and JSMastering. It was me indeed: I assumed that WaveLab will find the presets like Cubase does. But VST3 Presets are all over the place and I had to copy some of them to other locations (organize presets?) in order to show up properly. Also, the differences in how these plugins look in WaveLab (please, note the scroll box) and the fact that the scale doesn’t change if you move them on larger screens made me believe that there are problems with my setup. Thank you again.

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