I hope that Steinberg will add the usual two essential funct

I work with Cubase Pro 8 and Tools 12. On the forum of Avid, there are many users who think to go to Cubase or Nuendo. I hope that Steinberg will add the usual two essential functions in Pro Tools. I have often talked about it.

  1. Give the markers in the MIDI editor. Why we would not need markers that place? On the contrary…

  2. Provide management midi files in the library.

+1 Markers in the MIDI Editor. In fact, in ANY Editor.

That would be two different TYPES of Markers. User should be able to switch each TYPE of Markers in ANY editor. These two TYPES of Markers are:

  1. Markers specific to EVERY Editor. So, in MIDI editor I create and see and can switch on/off my MIDI Editor Markers. These should be freely moved/placed anywhere within the MIDI editor. Then, Audio Editor Markers are different from MIDI Editor Markers and can be placed within only Audio Editor and switched on/off there, as well. Score Editor Markers should also be separate.

  2. Project Markers which already exist within Project window. Should be able to turn on/off in ANY editor. These Markers should be seen on top of ANY edit window when turned on/off. And I should be able to edit Project Markers from anywhere I see them.

Thank you, you guys are the BEST!!!

Alex Kharlamov