I installed Cubase Pro 10 without uninstalling Cubase 9

Will this create any issues? I’d love to remove my Cubase 9 from my computer. How can I best do this without disturbing Cubase 10?

Are you sure you want to do this just yet? Are you certain C10 is working perfectly on all projects?

That aside, on a PC it’s a simple question of using the OS uninstall utility…I assume there’s something similar on a Mac?

Thanks for the reply. There really isn’t a reliable uninstaller on Mac that I’m aware of. And as far as being really sure, I am because the only thing I ever did in Cubase 9 was create templates. I didn’t actually work on projects with version 9…

It is a good point though. So I guess there’s a safe way to remove 9 even after installing 10…

Yes, there will be, hopefully a Mac user can chime in.

Yes, it is safe to remove Cubase 9 at a later stage on Mac as well. Cubase 10 is a separate installation and application anyway that comes with all the content needed.

Thank you! Is there a link to a guide which shows which files can be removed? I’m guessing anything with “Cubase 9” or “Cubase9” in the name?


Remove just the Cubase 9.app from the Application folder. You can also remove Cubase 9 folder from the -user/Library/Preferences if you already transferred Cubase 9 preferences to Cubase 10.

I run a couple of installs of Cubase (still have 8.5, 9 and 9.5 installed) just in case older projects don’t work - has always been fine.

Same here - have different versions running on my system without any problems.