I just made myself sick

In search of other ribbon mics I came across this microphone, but not ribbon:

more piccies here:

I bid on it in Mark’s ebay store and didn’t expect to win at all really, but I did. I put an arbituary bid on it and went to the studio to work. When I finished, my laptop said I won?!?!? WTF?!?!?

Well, I guess it is time to sell some things I don’t use much to fund it. FRIKINHELL I just paid off my credit card.

Ugh… :angry:

I’ve never heard of the mic. What’s so special about it? Applications? Frequency response, i.e. completely flat or it favors specific bands? Etc.

Enlighten us.

So this is in the 87’s price range, eh? :open_mouth:

From what I gather is it is a fairly flat microphone in its response and has a good level of smoothness to it. From what I read on gearslutz is it is a real solid mic with lots of detail and smoothness. Uber cool by me!

What peaked my interest:

-It has a Siegfried Thiersch m7 capsule which is regarded very highly and leans toward the sound of a u47.
I’ve always wanted a U47 but couldn’t afford one.
-It looks freaking cool.
-I have seen it in a studio filled with all the mics I have dreamed of having.

It was an accidental impulse buy. Seriously :slight_smile:

Sitting here thinking… I have a few smooth mics. The 3 Zigma GK67 is flipping great and very close to it is the CAD VSM-1 which is tube. I think I stuffed a bugleboy tube in there. The difference between the 2 is the gk67 has more detail and is cleaner than the vsm. Both awesome mics and I have recorded a lot of vocals with both of them along with the gk251 and u87. I absolutely love them all. Those 5 are my audition mic lineup but is often just 2-3 of them that I’ll setup for because I’ve used these mics for a number of years that when I have the singer A cappella I pick 3. This Lewilson will surely be there with them. I am certain of that.

Price-wise, yeah it is close to a u87. The 87 almost always needs eq to remove the honk and needs a little presence peak which bugs me (for vocals). I don’t think I should have to eq but the 87 eqs so easily, like a re20. You can carve the heck out of them and it always sounds good. It’s not like 10db pushes on the 87 are needed but more so a tailoring, but that re20 has been sliced and diced with eq.

Aeh… thinking a lot out loud here. These events bring up all sorts if thoughts. And don’t worry, I will be posting samples. Thank god I am getting fios tomorrow because I’m gonna need it for uploading files.

Aloha ,

I like the screws in the clip.

Looks like they came from my old tool drawer. :slight_smile:


That was the only thing that bugged me about it. That I would need a screw driver to set it in the spider. I will have to see how it works. It looks like it is stored in the spider. If not, I will get thumb screws for it.

Least it wont fall out :laughing:


I was on the phone with Mark this morning and should have asked him about that.

Split, you’re in the UK, right? It seems his mics are a bit more popular over there.

Bonny Scotland, when it’s not raining :laughing:

I must admit to never having heard of them :blush:

The M7 capsule is a classic
Both things of extreme beauty IMO… Jealous

That looks very cool. I really hope for you it’s worth that price, I know I wouldn’t get that value out myself :wink:
As a follow-up on your ribbon thread, I bought a Studio Projects C3 used which I’m happy with. Certainly better than my Behringer ultravoice :sunglasses:

Awesome :sunglasses: