I just upgraded to 8.5 but Groove Agent SE can't find files

It doesn’t seem to be able to locate sound files for the Acoustic section. Nor can I access them from Cubase 8. Whenever I go up to the red “Find Missing Samples” button, another window comes up, saying something to the effect of: “Missing Sound Archive (double-click to register) e.g.”, and then it gives what looks to be an example of a long sample file name. I have double-clicked this lane several times, and from this pops up yet another window, entitled: “Register HSB / VST Sound Files”, and then below there is the navigation area, wherein you can direct the program (assumedly) to whereever you have your Groove Agent vstsound files stored.

My Groove Agent SE vstsound files used to be in C:\Program Data\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound. But since I was having no luck choosing these files, I just decided to un and then re-install Cubase 8.5, and then Groove Agent SE. Since the reinstallations, the install program seems to have decided it no longer wants the GASE vstsound files in this location, so it seems to have reinstalled them in different locations. I’m not sure where-in the directory C:\Program Data\Steinberg\xxContentxx there is a folder entitled VST Sound, and in there there are several vstsound files, including FCP_SMT-137_Groove_Agent_SE.vstsound, and FCP_SMT_152_GASE_Acoustic_Studio_Kit.vstsound. These look an awful lot like the files I need, but I have tried loading these files as well, to no avail.

So it looks like I have two problems, which I am sure are intimately tied to each other:

  1. Groove Agent SE seems to be wanting me to “register” my sounds, as if I am using the paid-for version of GA: Groove Agent One, and . . .

  2. GASE seems utterly confused and inept about finding the soundfiles, which are clearly on my computer.

Any assistance in getting this sovled would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.

You know what? I just re-directed the search directory, in the Missing Files window, and it found everything. Now all is working.