I just wanted to say...

…as I’ve been intensively diving in this past week into Dorico to produce my first complete major project with it for a client: this program is AWESOME (even though I know there’s much more to come). As a (20 year?) Sibelius user, I have to say that I have ALWAYS dreaded the “final task” of notating scores once the compositional/arrangement process is done. But your team has truly done the impossible: you’ve not only made me NOT dread the task, but you’ve actually made it FUN (!)…I would never have imagined this through all my years of slogging through the notation process in the past. And I can only imagine the possibilities as you add those final withstanding features (that I know are coming!)…So I just wanted to say: “Bravo” to the entire team (!)

  • D.D.

+1 :smiley: