I keep getting pop up when Cubase Starts

Hello, whenever I start up up Cubase, it scans all plugins and one plugin keeps coming up, even though I disabled in Cubase, and deleted it from my computer. How can I stop this? Please see screenshot.

I think the plugin is still ‘alive’ somewhere. Can you find and remove it?

Even if you disable it, it may still scan it when you open Cubase if its in your VST folder, and Generate is going to trigger the registration every time until it’s done. That message won’t come from anything else, so the VST must still be installed. If you moved it after installing it, the uninstaller (if there is one for Generate) won’t find it and remove it. Just one of the fun perks of Windows letting everyone wreak havoc and install their plugins wherever they want to.

How, exactly. have you “deleted” it from your computer?

And also, just out of personal curiosity, why don’t you want it? I have the free Pendulate but have honestly never even launched it. Just another in a long to do list …

I went into the vst folders and deleted it, as well as uninstalled the program and deactivated it in Cubase plugin manager. I’m really going to have to dig deep to see why it’s still lingering. It’s a good plugin, but I was looking for a fun new synth that was more visual since I don’t understand true synthesis. I ended up going with Abyss as it was less complicated. I ended up cleaning up my template and deleting plugins I know I won’t use.

Can you turn off auto scan plugins when opening Cubase?

I’m not sure about that one, but there is the safe start mode you could try …

If I knew which version of Cubase you are using :wink: I would link to the online documentation.

This actually sounds more like an Eventide/Newfangled support case than a Steinberg one.

Something is lingering. Is there a VST2 and 3 version, by chance? Maybe just got rid of one or the other? I’m just guessing at this point.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback on my other question. I need to launch the freebee version sometime and see what it’s all about. :sunglasses:

Edit: I just launched the installer for Pendulate. It had options for AAX, VST2, and VST3. I’m assuming Generate is similar. Chances are, my guess might be correct. If not, I have no fear of being incorrect! :grin:

Thank you so much! You saved me weeks of headaches. I basically downloaded it again, and then looked at the location it was about to save it to.

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Had the same issue here with a trial version of a STL plugin that I deleted, but I found that the VST was still in the Plugin folder. So on every startup I got the Try or Buy message during startup. Be sure to check if you have downloaded in the VST of VST3 folder and delete it from there!

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Hi, guys! Actually it’s pretty simple to make the uninstalled plugins to disappear from our lists. I just discovered it myself a few seconds ago. :slight_smile: Go to VST plugin manager and then, in the up right corner, to Plug-in Collections and Options. There you have to click on Remove Unavailable Plug-ins from All Collections. That’s it! Still I wonder why Steinberg didn’t answer to this question…

This isn’t an official Steinberg support forum, this is a user forum. While occasionally the devs do pop in to help, this isn’t their job. You need to email them directly at the support email (or on the website) to actually engage with them.