I loaded video in Cubase 10 & it's upside down.

The video plays normally in VLC (right-side up) but it loaded into Cubase 10.0.60 upside down. Is there a way to invert the image in Cubase? It’s hard to record a dialog watching the video this way. This can’t be right…

Am I the only one that is having this problem?

This is fubar. There should be an easy way to 180 degree the video file because everyone knows this is going to happen, Apple iPhone or Droid interfacing with a Windows/Mac product.

Of course all of this is a shame because the video screen play and the entire editing process works very well (even upside down!). The voice over, adding tracks to the video, editing, etc. works like a charm. C’mon Steinberg. Is Nuendo this way?

Nuendo and Cubase share the same features as far as this goes, I use Xmedia Recode to correct videos for Cubase

Thanks Steve. I have since leaned that I can do it externally with another app you sent me to, the Audio Spot MediaER, as well, but I just did what I needed to do with the video playing upside down. But all the while I thought someone would chime in here and enlighten me with a Cubase fix that I was missing. In the future I will flip the video, that was too weird!

Hi, I’m having the same problem. I downloaded Xmedia Recode to flip the video, and at first it was working. Here’s my situation: I’m trying to import a couple videos from my phone into Cubase to align the audio that I recorded separately. The first 2 videos I flipped in Xmedia and imported into Cubase, it worked well. I went through the exact same process with the 3rd video, and now Cubase won’t import it. Cubase will import the ORIGINAL upside down video, but not the flipped version from Xvideo. I guess I must have changed something by accident in Xvideo? I thought I was doing the exact same procedure, so I don’t understand why it won’t work now.

I also don’t really get why the original videos are upside down in Cubase, but correctly displayed in every other program I open them in (VLC, Windows Media, Videopad, etc.)

if the video is from a phone, it probably is recorded upside down, and the metadata is telling the player what is up.
I guess steinberg does not look for the metadata and just plays the raw video. That would not be a bug, but a feature request.

Video is difficult because there are so many different codecs and types. The third video must be different than the other, or your Xmedia settings were different, is what I’m thinking.

That makes a lot of sense, thanks.

It is the same way in Cubase 11. It would be nice to flip in inside of Cubase.

It happens a lot with videos that was created in mobile devices.
When you play those videos in regular media player it reads the rotation tag (from the media metadata) and it looks as if everything is fine but it’s not!
My solution is to pass all media through ER Media ToolKit before importing into Cubase/Nuendo (or any other DAW). This tool automatically turns the rotation tag into real rotation and the output media playback correctly in any player;)

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So the same issue just occurred for me: Imported video to Cubase 10 from my iPad only to find the image inverted. After reading the thread here I tried filming some video with the iPad opposite to how I usually use it - with the button on the left instead of the right. I imported the short clip to Cubase and it appeared the right way up. Too bad that all the 9 videos I already made to receive soundtracks will appear upside down but at least I can see why this happened now. Thanks for the tip on the ER Media ToolKit, I imagine this is easy to find and download?

It is so easy to fix your existing videos with it that you wouldn’t believe how it makes your life so comfortable.
Plus, it does so many other amazing things we desperately need, like Replace Audio In Video, Prepare video for smooth playback in the DAW, add timecode layer on the video, and other cool stuff.
Definitely a must-have for anyone who works with video.

Thanks Sagi,

I see that audiospot offers a variety of bundles in their Media Tool Kits - and that any freeware is ending on Jan 1st - For simple fixes like the one being discussed on the forum do you think the Media Tool Kit Essentials bundle would offer enough features? My needs are not that sophisticated, mostly dropping video into Cubase and adding audio for shared media events.

Thanks for your help,


Hi @adambroome,
For what we discussed here and even basic ‘Replace Audio in Video’ the Essentials bundle is all you need, but if you want more you should go with the Pro full or single apps.
There’s a comparison table you may want to check to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

I use er media to flip and if a file don’t load by changing its format. Not so much now I know which way to hold my phone!

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Here is a video I successfully and simply followed to resolve the same issue.

I essentially just did this as a last post production step

The workaround is to purchase a $50 (on sale from $90) third party program.