I lost CD Install Cubase 6 LE, Help me !

I have bought one of Focusrite recorder ( Scarlett Studio ) , accompanied by Scarlett Studio 1 cd disc software ( Cubase LE 6 ) , I have lost the CD should not be installed Cubase 6 le , I do not find the installation of on-line, you can help me , for the CD reissue is not , or can give me link of the software dowload Cubase okay ? Plz
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Hello Phamnam1792,

I have sent you a private message.


It appears I could not leave you a private message, so here is the download link for Cubase LE6:


This is a .ISO disk image you will need to mount the image in order to run the installer. The image should automatically mount on OSX operating systems. If you are running Windows 7, Vista or XP, you must burn the .ISO file to a DVD-R and run the disc as the installer.

Thanks Joel Gragg so much !!!

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I know this is a pretty old topic - but I have the same problem now… so starting a totally fresh topic didn’t make sense to me :mrgreen:

My CD is broken and I’m looking for a downloadable ISO of Cubase 6 LE.

I there any chance to get a download link? Unfortunately the link provided here doesn’t work anymore.

I really would appreciate any help!

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Hi there,

I have the exact same problem! I bought a Zoom H4N and received Cubase LE 6 DVD, which is now damaged. I had to reinstall all the software on my computer but now cannot reinstall Cubase for this reason. In fact, I bought a license for Cubase 6 Elements, but need the LE basic installer before I can activate it.

Be much appreciated if the link to the .ISO could be posted again.

Kind regards.