I love a good cheap cable...

…like this one :open_mouth:


According to the comments, it can solve global warming :laughing:


If people are rich and stupid enough they deserve it!

They could also buy one of these to impress their friends and neighbours… http://www.barneys.com/off-white-c/o-virgil-abloh-royal-mail-shirt-504388345.html

It would take the average postal worker in this country two weeks or so to buy one of these… WTF!!

It seems the more money you have the more stupid and gullible you become lol

When I checked that link it said “discontinued” and then “1 used from $8,000.98” … looks like someone has realised the horrible mistake they just made … :laughing:

I can’t believe you guys would poke fun at someone who might buy this. I mean, I didn’t, but a friend of mine did, and it malfunctioned right during the quantum handshake sequence. Now he can’t get it serviced because he ended up 10^3 light years away from where he bought it, and there are no service centers in that quadrant. (yes, I should have bought the extended warranty I mean he! him! my friend.)

Oh Come on Steve… you should know better than that! shame on you! your name is in green and queen Elizardbeth was 90 this week so i’m afraid your argument just DOES NOT hold vegetable soup or any other kind of wheel barrows!

Looks good, but it’s too short for my needs.


And Harry can’t find a girlfriend because the paparazzi has bugged his bedroom… :wink: