I love CC121

Thank you Yamaha/Steinberg
Give us a Yamaha/Steinberg MIDI controller with some keys.

That is all. :slight_smile:

Kool idea! Perhaps a Steiny kybrd?

Close but no cigar. The function button are really crap. Why does not the function button select what the knob controls? There are 8 easy knobs access that they have totally missed. And there is no shift button. They user can not select what channel select should do. Flow mixers, mixer1, mixer2,mixer3 with options on if it should follow hidden or all. Or follow the arranger etc. With some proper software it could have been great.

indeed CC121 should be more versatile, its just frustrating many times during work and i use mostly the mouse to adjust and navigate cuz CC121 can not follow what tracks “i” want it to follow (MC or project tracks… follow hidden or only visible tracks etc… )