I love Cubase but... Reasons I'm leaving

I love Cubase. I think its really great. I used it on and off since 10 but I probably wont stay… There are just too many things that irk me about Cubase that other DAWs offer.

Here is a list of things i noticed / would change about Cubase to make it my ideal DAW.

-Global Copy works as intended, but global cut and delete time only affect a single track list/ arranger view at a time, so tracks in the secondary list like markers, regions, chord tracks are left untouched. Which means extra clicks to delete those and fast arranging is out the window. Other DAWs offer regions that sections of the song around for quick intuitive arranging. Cubase does not do that.

-Tracks don’t route and color themselves in any capacity. This is a big one that been asked for for a long time. Make folder tracks and Group track CAPABLE of auto coloring and routing.

-Those ugly lines that FX tracks and Groups place into the project view.
Far to easy to accidently draw in unwanted automation that needs to be undone in both the arrangement undo AND Mixer undo if you changed the level. I am aware of the lock that hides it but Cubase cant change default FX and Group you’ll be pushing those for the rest of the your time using Cubase.

-No visual Hierarchy in the mixer. No folding , no height differences . Nothing.
Cubase is already somewhat visually busy. So some indication of grouping would go far.

-Can’t rearrange tracks in Mixer view.

-16 FX insert limit. Modern sound design often needs more. Some other daws don’t have this limit.

-Sends and SC needs to be turned on. Like hello? I went through the whole trouble of creating the send and selecting it from a list, I want it on as default. Extra mouse click

-Editing the Sampler instrument automatically opens the lower zone no matter if you popped out the window previously. Why?

-Audio editor always opens far too zoomed in and often at the very end of the sample. I need to then spin my scroll wheel and orientate myself. Extra friction I don’t need,.

-The hot key commands that change the grid division ( make grid 1/4, 1/8th ,1/16 etc…) don’t erase previously set swing values and rough values so you have to use the quantize window to reset those parameters, somewhat rendering those commands useless in some cases.

-Rough in the quantize window will not move grouped audio events together, misaligning layered instruments, misaligning midi kick triggers, misaligning any thing you need to stay layered.

-Articulation maps are clunky to setup. Where simple Key Roll labeling would be ideal to trigger articulations. Labels on keys have other great uses.

-Media bay (Separate window not right panel) is pretty much useless to explore media samples. If you click on other samples to quickly Cubase will consider it a double click and automatically add it to the project. Please fix this strange behaviour.

-There seems to be multiple means to randomize the position for audio but zero means to randomize the volume. None. Not even through PLE.

-FX parameters that need to be automated need to use this strange write track, play , undo to open automation lane automatically. its 2024 many Daws have figured out last touched parameter. Extra friction+ Extra click

-You can open certain windows with a hotkey but you cannot close them with the same hotkey. For example, the color panel can be opened with a hot key but you cannot close it. Why?

-F1 function key is great real-estate to use as a hotkey but instead it opens the Cubase manual online… I understand its “traditionally” used for manuals, but the times i accidently hit it or wish i could use F1 for a hotkey is absurd.


My list of things that I hate in Cubase is a lot longer than yours.
However, my version of your question is more along the lines of…

“I hate Cubase but… reasons I keep coming back”

Maybe I’ve just used it for too long and I’m too used to it, but each time I go away and use something else, the list of things I hate always ends up longer than my hate Cubase list and I end up coming back.

That said, I sympathise with you completely.


Yeah, Cubase is amazing and is probably my second choice.
I noticed that the devs are paying attention to people forums post and started to address more issues so i thought bringing up some of my concerns here would help.

I probably will come back and demo Cubase 14 whenever that releases just to see the state of the the DAW.

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I totally agree, right now, I’m using C12 and Pro Tools. There are just some annoying behavior that gets me. One thing too is adjusting fades. In Pro Tools, you can adjust the fade right on the waveform and not just the length. In Cubase, you try to adjust, and you get both the fade in and fade out at the same time with the windows overlaid. That has been broken for years.

I’ll just keep using the older C12 version until it don’t work or some upgrade in MacOS makes it me have to abandon it.

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i´m not leaving cubase, but these are some good points raised i very much agree as a long term cubase user


You know, no one really needs to know why you won’t use Cubase anymore.

On the other hand, if you have requests to make, make them. Be patient, because nowhere in the manual is it written that Steinberg would respond to all requests and requirements made by users.

I guess they have their own agenda…


I can open, close or edit just about anything in Cubase/Nuendo either trough shortcuts, internal or external macros.
There are 4 mixer pages you can setup in any way you want. One for groups, one for FX, …and use macro keys to fire them up or edit in sync mode. You even have custom workspaces on top of templates you can save for specific tasks. And I will not go into “drag and drop” and extensive ARA capabilities of Cubase other DAW can only dream about.
Cubase is of course not perfect but leaving it for your reasons is a bit silly imho.


I’ve owned a copy of Cubase since I bought Cubase Elements 7 in 2013. I had to trawl back through some emails to find that out!

But I never really made it my number one DAW. Mainly due to being a Reaper user also, and being impressed by how efficient Reaper was at utilising the CPU.

But I’m just at a point now where the constant customization of Reaper, the constant theme cycling, trying to find something that doesn’t hurt my eyes, trying to add cool little bits of functionality that aren’t native to Reaper… it just drives me crazy.

So I started comparing Reaper, Studio One, and Cubase 13 Pro. CPU utilisation concerns aside… the other two just give me such a nicer vibe, a nicer workflow experience, and I’m actually happy when I use them… whereas Reaper just makes me frustrated and annoyed.

I’ve been upgrading my Cubase license throughout that time period, but mainly used it as a midi editor. I got Cubase Pro a few years ago and I’ve been slowly making the switch.


To each their own. 4 mixers are impressive if not a little excessive but the lack of automatic color/routing/ visual heirarchy somewhat over shadow this great feature. You can get away with just 1 like the other major daws.

Work spaces can be found in other Daws and is not unique to Cubase like Reaper and Studio One as far as I know.

ARA support is also not unique in Cubase and seems that only Ableton and Fl don’t have Ara. However I can’t argue with you on the ARA- like behaviour of Cubase’s own pitch correction and vocal alignment. Realistically you’re only going to be using 2 plugins Melodyne/auto tune and Vocalign.
Plus im mainly work with instrumentals/ beats.

Well, given the title of the post you didn’t have to read it either. It is a forum after all .

Also I feel like this post is actually quite valid here and somewhat useful.

I understand that the devs don’t have to cater to anyone. I think the entirety of the Cubase user base knows that by now.

I agree on points 3, 4, 5, 9, 12, 15
Volume visibility on Groups and Sends should be optional
Visual Hierarchy would be much better than the need to shuffle 4 different mixer windows. Reaper shows groups in a nice way. Cubase could do the same.
FX parameters automatization is indeed archaic in Cubase. The creator of VST is doing it in a worse way than the competition.

I have more small issues with Cubase but I’m not leaving. I tried many times and every other DAW I tried had major problems or missing features which I use daily in Cubase.
I have no choice but to live in this relationship lol

You are right, I was not obliged to read your Post and it is true that it is a forum where everyone can express themselves.

However, what you mention in your post seems to correspond to functionality or functionality management that does not meet your expectations. It’s great to mention it, make it requests so that users can support your requests; no need to know that you are going to leave Cubase for these reasons.

Also, if you find a DAW that has reached PERFECTION status, let me know, I’m interested…

I too love Cubase and really want to stay but will be leaving for just one reason: the escalating list of bugs.

Each version (even the minor ones!) introduces new issues, and so the list is growing larger all the time. Over the years it has become increasingly onerous to use Cubase. So much of my workflow is now merely workarounds. It completely takes the joy out of composing.

As soon as Studio One is mature enough, I will switch and never look back.

I did the same thing in 2015 with Sonar. I switched to Cubase back then and my productivity increased dramatically.

I hate to leave Cubase, but SB has left me no other choice.

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Heh. 2018 is where most of my bug fixes and feature requests date back to. Sometimes you just need a new DAW.


Each new farm has its own set of nasty bugs and worms to worry about. :wink:
My advice: Do a very good trial of S1 before any hasty jump.

I recently tried Bitwig. Sure it’s a cool DAW but boy its underpowered once you check it properly under the hood. Its relatively new compared to other DAW on the market but its filled with indigenous bugs. And its apparently powered by carrots. The level of orange is unbelievable. :smiley:

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DAWs are like women. :rofl:


I’ve tried so many DAWs for decades… it’s so boring and time consuming. And I wasn’t really satisfied with any of them because each daw has their problems. And in all of them I’m missing a lot of what I have in Cubase.
If I would pull out my list of what I’m missing in Logic… or what’s bothering me in S1… (same goes for Ableton and Bitwig)… these forum doesn’t have that much space.
No daw is “perfect”.
But I’m most fast in Cubase, and that’s all that matters to me. There are often several solutions in Cubase. (Of course I have my personal FR wishlist) But I use what I have. I’m fine with my workflow in Cubase. I really like the best flexible mix console. the pro onstock plugins and vstis (they are absolutely on par with Logics I must say) and I like the new GUI too. (improvements furthermore welcome).

Apparently people have too much time. Instead of finishing a song, people only compare DAWs and buy every week new plugins in deals and watch youtube audio stuff tutorials. It seems this is the new generation of “music producers”. Applause, applause. (a bit ironic)

So many ways to make music professionally and quickly with our modern daws than ever before! great times…

If Cubase doesn’t suit to you then just use another daw. there’s a suitable DAW for every taste and every style of music nowadays.
But you don’t need to open a separate private emotional thread for that.


I want Cubase to make cupcakes. Make this happen now. I demand it or else.


Wow…just get on with your life, stop whining on the internet. Also…shut the door on your way out.


Don’t really know anything about global copy, but for a long time I have made a top level folder called ’TRACK’ and I put everything inside that which enables cut/copying the arrangement etc… perhaps I’m misunderstanding your point, but thought I’d mention just in case.

The thing that irks me the most is that adding instruments & effects don’t load in a background thread and instead interrupt the playing audio & makes any sequencer plugins out of sync until a stop/start. Really annoying it still does this in 2024.