I love Dorico, but it's so painfully slow

First off, I really do love Dorico, it’s my favorite notation software I’ve ever used and will remain so for the foreseeable future. But if there is one fundamental problem I have with it, it’s that it’s the opposite of being a snappy and fluid experience to work with.

Step-inputting notes takes over a second until they appear in the score, selecting notes takes half a second after clicking until they are actually selected, moving notes up and down takes over half a second, etc…

It’s manageable when you only have a single instrument in your score (though even then I notice a very small lag), but as soon as you work with big ensembles and orchestras (which is the only thing I use Dorico for), it really becomes painful.
Maybe I’m overly neurotic when it comes to software being snappy, but it really takes quite a bit of joy out of working with Dorico for me.

Are there any tricks to make things a bit faster, or even better, is there anything planned for future updates to improve on this?
So far I’ve cut down on my player count by removing divisis and multiple players for instruments (at least for the composing stage) and only have one layout open at a time. This seems to help a bit, though not much.
My PC also shouldn’t be a problem, since it’s quite powerful (GTX1050ti, i7-7820X, 128GB RAM).


Please check that condensing is turned off - in all layouts - during the compositional stage.

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Hey Leo and thanks!
Condensing is turned off, since I try to avoid composing with multiple desks and divisi anyway to keep the number of staffs down.

It shouldn’t be taking that long. Do you have a sample file – even with just some random notes, if you don’t want to share your work, that others could test?

Hi Ben! It’s not really project/file dependent, if I just open one of the standard templates of Dorico (e.g. the ‘Modern Orchestra’) and start inputting some random notes it will happen right away.

That’s definitely not expected. Might you have a MIDI feedback loop?

Create a Diagnostic Report (under the Help menu), and post it here. I’m sure one of the team will be able to make some sense of what’s going on.