I Love/Hate my MR816x

With my system, I mostly mix projects but I just completed two days of vocal tracking and comping. For just this type of session, I bought an MR816x to get “tape machine type” monitor switching without monitor latency.

Usually I use a MOTU 424 card in my Mac with a couple of interfaces for my N5 and leave a an Mbox 2 hooked up so that I can prep audio in PT before moving it to Nuendo. An initial test session when I installed it seemed to indicate that the MR816x worked well.

On the upside, the MR816x (nicknamed “Mr. Big” by a nearsighted client trying to read the model name on the front panel) sounded transparent and the monitor switching was just what I wanted. Loved it. Using a Manley mic amp and limiter into a padded input sounded great.

However, this MR816x is about the most finicky, fussy, and erratic piece of gear I’ve used in 40 years of recording! I loaded the driver so many times I kept a copy on my desktop just to find it easily. I disconnected the Mbox 2 to try and help. Moving the FW cable to the port on the back of the computer seemed to help a little (per the post here) and turning my racks inside out to use the FW cable that came with the MR816x seemed to help a bit also, but drop outs still happened occasionally, which startled me and frustrated my clients. The MOTU/Mbox interface combination has been rock solid so this was a really unfamiliar experience.

What’s up with this thing?

Thanks for listening.

Well, my solution was to rebuild my system from scratch (load OS, ect.). Now I rarely get drop outs. But for the longest time, I did. RME drivers were not as fussy. Try all the fixes available–it’s a long list though!


I have the 816 running on a MacBook Pro … OS 10.6.7, but it’s been solid from the start. I too have a driver on the machine for another interfaces that I use in different locations … MOTU Traveller Mk1, but no issues with the 816.

I have it connected with a FW 800 to 400 cable, and run a little FW drive off the 816’s extra FW Port which holds samples etc. No problems.

I generally run long recordings ( 1 hr +) on 6-8 tracks. No dropouts ever. Occasionally my CB V5.5 would stop sending audio (ie once a month) … had to restart. Can’t say about V6 yet as I haven’t had it long.

Maybe a system rebuild would help then add the 816 first and test well but it’s a lot of work. … you aren’t trying to use aggregate audio devices are you? I’ve never made those configurations work well.

Maybe request a unit exchange. I had a faulty Direct Input … but strictly an analog issue. A replacement unit fixed all.



All good advice -

I’ve been considering creating a new and clean system drive and that may help lots of stuff.