I’m finally here!

Which do you prefer

  • iPad Pro/iPad
  • Old style Studio
  • Both
  • Neither

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So I’ve been creating music for years now and I’ve used the best possible setups available, from pro tools hd to all the others. What inspires me right now are apple products and innovation when it comes to music creation.

Having Cubasis on my latest iPad satisfies me in ways I thought I’d have to wait a lifetime for and we all want to be and do the best we can to achieve our ideas and bring them into reality.

Anyway I just to state that having a full clunky studio at home isn’t the norm anymore, there’s better ways to do what you love and even if you’re reading this and you prefer the old style “let’s go to the recording studio” vibe then that’s perfectly fine. I just feel I can create and finalise a solo project or any project without losing out on being completely creative.

Thanks for reading :v:

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