I made a Preset Pack for Retrologue 2!

A while ago, I wondered aren’t there so many third-party preset packs for Steinbergs greatest VST synth “Retrologue”?

At the time, I was working on a score and realized, I want to get to know Retrologue more and learn it inside-out. A few hundred patches later, here we are!

Demo song and pricing in the source:

Retro Thrill Underscore Preset Pack for Steinberg Retrologue 2


Great job, and nice price. Sold!

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I like the sounds in the demo song a lot, great work!

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Hey guys, I wanted to give an update as someone here in the forum contacted me about that the payment method on Gumroad wasn’t working as it should. Now I have added the additional PayPal option as well, which should ordering the preset pack much easier.

Again, thanks so much for the positive response!

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Hey Robert / @dreikelvin,

many thanks! It worked!

As I’d already suspected it: a really thoughtfully structured, very complete synth preset package. With your original touch!

“Old school”, yet new sounds!
You certainly know what you’re doing. :yum:

Best wishes,

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