I made an editor for the Bass Station II. Download it here

Hey guys. I made a control panel for the Synth “Bass Station II” from Novation. It’s entirely made in cubase so it will only work with this DAW. If someone want it too, you can download it from here. I also made a short guide how to install it. :slight_smile:

Synthmania already made an editor for the Bass Station II. But they didn’t program it perfect. Some parameters of the Synth have a resolution of 256 (cutoff, LFO speed, mixer…). But the editor from Synthmania control them only with a resolution of 128. If you automate the Cutoff with high reso you can hear it. Because of that i made an editor which can use the whole resolution. And my editor can also control more parameters :wink:

I hope some one can use this as well. Have fun.

Bass Station II editor (by Florian) , download it here:
Bass Station 1.0.PNG

O wow! That looks great. The plugin has its own controls, but they are ugly and awkward by comparison. Thanx.

No problem :slight_smile: Glad you like it!

At one point I was thinking of getting the BSII. You device panel gives me another reason to reconsider it. Thanks!

It’s my first synth and i love it! I can highly recommend it. You can do many things with it. I was looking at other synths in the same price range as well (Aturia Microbrute, Korg MS-20, Minilogue ect…) but the BS II has the most features. And it sounds amazing too. And you can save presets which is nice :slight_smile: