i made edit mode for cubase !!!!

it works great its a macro,and with lemur i found out by mistake a very cool thing for moving clips,when i see my studio computer i will post the macro

does anyone care? its awesome!!!

I think many care, but I guess that not everyone is using lemur, post how you did it maybe usable for others with other controllers?

yes i use lemur…sounds interesting pls post link

cheers and thnx

yes, link plz? like to check it out :slight_smile:

It doesn’t need lemur

Why not just stop teasing, post it. We are all waiting in vain.

Ok I have get it on studio computer I forgot it ,later today

To make the playback cursor follow a selected event using the keyboard, you can simply make a macro like this and assign a keystroke.

Nudge right
Locate selection

I would love to see a macro that facilitates using the mouse to move events and to have the cursor stick to their start points. Looking forward to reading digitalson’s tip.