I Made Myself Immortal!

I was the last person who posted in the old Lounge! :smiley:


Didn’t say much, did you :laughing:

I hope you remembered to turn the lights out.:bulb:

And by your hand, the forum’s final utterance was …

I think high fives are in order :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing:

Apart from Steinberg Employees, I think I was the very first to post. :slight_smile:

How do you know that from the link? :confused:

Unless you prove it, I’m assuming that I was the last poster!

Hi Wim,

Nice move, but I thought you were already some kind of sax (sp) god? :laughing:

I may be wrong, but if it’s the last post in the uppermost thread (not counting stickies or the other sections of the Forum for that matter) doesn’t that mean it is in fact the last post, at least in the Lounge? Or maybe I’m missing something here

Oh yea…it was the last post in the LOUNGE. Not on Cubase.net, though. That was bruni on Dec 17. :slight_smile:

You’re not missing anything, Doug.

Wim’s was, indeed, the last post in the Lounge, and his claim, in this thread, to immortality was clearly based on that fact alone.

I was the first to post in this forum, causing HowlingUlf untold misery :smiling_imp: :nerd: :laughing:

Exactly! :smiley:

Then we’re both members of the first post club. :slight_smile:

We need to find who was first to post in the first Cubase forum now

And who was the last in the first forum?
If there’s going to be a first post club there also should be a last post club… :wink:

Wait a minute, the Last Post Club… must be a bunch of military bugle players:

BTW, the dutch word “lastpost” means troublemaker… :wink:

Was the first forum ever archived.

I still have the “String Theory: Ever heard of it” thread from it stored away somewhere. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure, Paul.

I think back in the day, they did straight culling. About three years ago, for example, there was a big cull of posts on the last forum, including a lot of research you, Tammo and others had contributed. I made a fuss about that, and was glad they did archive what’s left when we got moved over here.


Hi Fives … So Did I

Wim’s spelling of ‘mysel’ kind of jogged me in the direction of tiny spelling changes.

I was also amused by the fact that this forum’s ‘IMG enablement’ means that we are able to be made to deliver on ‘piccies or it didn’t happen’ :smiley:

Mysel?.. Where does it say ‘Mysel’?..

Now where’s that whisteling smiley when you need it… :wink: