I messed up.

Hi everyone, I am very new at this so dont laugh. lol. I have a problem maybe someone could help me with. I have e-mailed support but i havnt heard from them and its been 3 days since then. I bought the Lexicon Alpha desktop recording studio. It says that it comes with cubase le 4 on the box but when i opened it, it came with cubase le 5. Which is great! But my problem is, While registering it here at steinberg I accidently registered it as le 4. They sent me a e-mail activation code for cubase le 4. Now when I open my cubase le 5, It still says that i need to register it and i only have so much time to do it. What do I do? If anyone could help me that would be great and Thx.

Send an email to info@steinberg.de explaining the situation.

Thank You for the help mashedmitten,

I e-mailed them, I hope they can help me out.