I miss a sampling possibility

to record directly into halion standalone. Is it possible?

nope im afraid not

I’ve gone on many little tangent rants about this. The world is strange when we call Kontakt and Halion etc… Samplers when the one thing they DON’T do is sample. Just another bizarre quirk in language memes.

there is a new freeby for the lite version of a sampler that’s just come out , im not going to advertise it but it does sample but it is very basic in what you can edit ,so it’s the " either - or " situration atm .

Yes and no … I mean sampling into Cubase or Wavelab is actually not that bad, although not ideal. It’s just the terminology that cracks me up. Still, I can’t understand why Halion doesn’t let you do quick sampling.

Im happy sampling through either as well ,it doesn’t bother me in the slightest but as you say it would be a nice option , or I could drag out the old DSM1 lol

I just want to actually see some processing available in HALion. At the moment, you can’t do much when compared to Kontakt. I would like to see stuff like copy, paste, delete, trim, crop, normalize, remove dc offset etc, done right in HALion and non destructive too. It will work on the currently loaded sample, but not touch the original.

Yep, I also like to use Halion in stand alone mode, so I too wish all the basic sample functions were part of it. Again, without those functions how the hell can you call it a sampler?