I missed the latest upgrade deal

I just missed out on the discount upgrade to Cubase 10. Instead I had decided to stay with my version Cubase 5 and then I found out that 5 is no longer supported. Unfortunately I found that out a couple weeks later and the upgraded discount had expired. Now I find myself wanting to upgrade, but at the same time missing out on that great discount. Is there any chance that deal will be coming back?

There will almost certainly be another sale at some point.

Most likely the next discount will be spring or summer next year.

Thanks for the responses. Yes, my timing this year was really bad. I will continue experimenting and learning cubase 5, which seems to run OK on Windows 10, until the next deal comes along. Since I’m not really Hey prouser, it’s not critical that I’m at the cutting edge. But it sure would’ve been nice to have been learning the latest version now, rather than having to wait.