I move a dynamic and my entire score is deconfigured

I put a dynamic, with a suffix, and I want to put it further to the left. When I go to Engrave mode and move it, other elements move. Other dynamics, staves…

The more I move it, the more everything becomes confusing. And if I try to do ctrl+Z, even worse:

Hello Alberto,
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Ot would be interesting to know, whether you have already moved staves manually (vertically).

Welcome to the forum @albertolisinicchia.

As you read more and more on the forum, you will find that attaching your project (or a part of the project that can show the problem) is the best thing you can do to get a quick solution.

As you are new, you will have to read through a few threads so your user status is upgraded and you can attach files.

Thanks for responding so quickly.
Is this file okay?

Improvitzacions :Entrega.dorico (1,2 MB)

Thanks for the welcome. That’s right, I’ve moved staves vertically. But having read your response, I eliminated all those settings and still had the same problem.

It’s to do with the dim. you have in bar 10. That dynamic is gradual and you actually have it extending all the way to bar 27.

Try this and you’ll see:

  • click on the dim.
  • open the Properties panel in the Lower Zone
  • Switch off Gradual style

Now it is the same dynamic but just displayed using hairpins, and it will affect the position of all the dynamics inside it, and they will affect the position of the staves they’re inside. Moving any of the dynamics inside it also causes drama.

Delete it and re-input it and you will be good to go.


Don’t feel ashamed - it happens to everyone.

The reason it was resolved easily is because you attached your project!