I must re-download Cubase 7.0


I just bought Cubase 7.0 Elements but have problems with the download. I had to restart my Mac and now I cannot find where I can download the file again…at least without bying it again…

Can someone please help me?

I have two mails with receipte and credit card confirmation.

You could always contact support :

Either by phone or email them.

I think I’m having the same problem.

I downladed and installed Elements 7 and so many plug ins and patches are missing or empty.

I also have the confirmation emails.

Is there anyway to download again without re buying?

I only bought Elements 7 as cubase 5 decided not to work (licensing problem and i have the license and have uninstalled and re installed the license software til i went almost insane).


i have the correct license for cubase elements 7 also, but no dice :frowning: