I need a Dorico Demo Project ...

I’m back trying the new updated Dorico.

I have never been so frustrated with an Steinberg application as i have been with Dorico.

I tried importing a midi file that has a Bass guitar and a Piano track ( 32 bars ).

The Bass guitar track looked and play OK because it only had single notes ( no chords ) but the Piano track ( mainly chords ) looked awful and played even worse. The Piano track had no resemblance to that track i created with/in Cubase.

Is there a Dorico Demo Project available for download ?

A Dorico Demo Project would be a huge help.

Here are a few posts that include movements from Bach’s Goldberg Variations that you can download:

I’ve also attached a couple of projects (all choral, I’m afraid) to this post. Hope that helps!

We will include some example projects with Dorico soon – it’s just one of those things we’ve not yet managed to work on.
projects.zip (1.85 MB)

Hi Daniel @ Steinberg,

Thanks for the projects.zip files.
That has helped.
The notation looks good but the playback sound sounds weird. I will explore why.

I am somewhat surprised that there are no Dorico Demo Projects to date which is why i gave up with version 1 since the many many other Cubase applications i purchased over my 30plus years of purchasing/upgrading have provided Demo’s. Even Steinberg’s Sequel has excellent Demo’s.

I also refer you to Apple’s Logic and Pro Logic whereby the application comes with more than one Demo.

Try doing Play > Apply Default Playback Template to get playback up and running in those files.

We do recognise the importance of good demo projects, as I’ve said, but we are constantly up against it in terms of correctly prioritising everything.

Not a real answer to your question, but just believe that Dorico really is the best notation program currently available. Be patient and learn the new, GREAT ways of doing things. Dorico is the way to go.


Have you watched any of the YouTube videos on the Dorico channel? I have found them very helpful both for learning and for review. I only wish I were better at navigating YouTube expeditiously to find the Dorico video I was looking for.

Daniel’s blog entry on creating and formatting a multi-section liturgical score is, I think, close to the kind of demo you’re looking for.


It assumes you know how to do basic note entry etc. in Dorico, but it walks you through most of the other steps very clearly, and guides you toward ending up with a well-formatted 8-page choral score. It also provides links to Dorico and pdf files of the completed project. Even though I don’t work with this particular kind of music, I found it invaluable to work through his instructions, bit by bit. It’s probably the best educational time I’ve spent on Dorico. I hope that in time we have lots more articles like this one. It’s a gem.

Thank you Daniel, for the links to the files.

Very, helpful indeed.

Keep up the great work.

I’ve got some files which are in a finished or a close-to state (maybe not ‘publisher’ quality) if you want to play with them. Let me know if this is the case.

Yes, please!

Just a newbie comment - on my 1st session with the Dorico 1.2 trial version - there seem to be plenty of nice templates, but I don’t see any exmaple scores, not even a simple ditty for piano just to use for playback testing. Am I missing something? This is an astonishing omission! I need to see some fully worked examples - not necc. long pieces, but a variety of styles and a variety of instrumentations. Aside from their tutorial value, these give the software a chance to show the user what it can really DO!

I’m particularly interested in modern classical music for medium-sized orchestra, with many changes of meter, tempo, and dynamics.

There must be some such material out there… anybody?

Example projects are installed by default: on Mac, they’re in /Users/Shared/Dorico Example Projects; on Windows, C:\Users\Public\Documents\Dorico Example Projects. They should have appeared in the Steinberg Hub window the first time you ran the program.

is there any chance to add worksheet template like Sibelius and Finale did ?

We don’t have any current plans in that area, but I would encourage educators who are using Dorico and have developed resources to share them.

This might be overkill, but here’s a chapter from a sight-singing course that I created in Dorico. I had to do some small work-arounds, but for the most part, I think I did everything the “correct” way as much as possible, so there may be some ideas you could pick up from it.


Probably goes without saying that you need Pro for any sort of work like this.

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I’ve just posted a new thread with a worksheet template.

Hi there! I’m just to download the Bach Goldberg variations, but that link seems to bring me back to the main screen for the Steinberg forum. Am I doing something wrong? Also, LOVING DORICO!

Welcome to the forum, @chris4. Try this post for some of @Vaughan_Schlepp’s Goldberg files.

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