I need a Logical Editor wizard

So what im trying to do :

Im using the logical editor to set a kickdrum tracks that i’ve just cut to be of AT LEAST 180 ms.

There’s no problem there all goes smoothly. BUT :

Is there a way to only affect the tracks that i’ve selected with the editor cause right now, i select my tracks i push the apply button in the editor and somehow the tracks above my kickdrum track gets affected as well (i guess they enter in the editor’s conditions)

This problem really is bugging me i don’t want to skip every single track 1 by one there’s like 500 kick hits * 3 mics and that’s just for the kickdrum i havn’t started snares, toms etc.

Any help will be appreciated :smiley:

Are you selecting the notes you want effected?

Like in a midi track I can select half the notes (or whatever) and it will only work on the selected.

I’d try opening the track in key editor and select all and try it.

Are you talking about audio here (and therefore the Project Logical Editor)?
Could you upload a screenshot of the Project Logical Editor settings? (in the upper section, do you at least have a line something like…
Property___Property is set___Event is selected