I Need a recommendation on a sound card

I am using a midi keyboard with cubase 10.5. I m trying to enhance the quality of the sound and I was thinking of a sound card to begin with. Which card would you recommend for me to use? I just need a card to have a better sound with cubase, because up to this point I am only using the on board sound card of my pc. Thank you

How many inputs and outputs do you want and how much do you want to spend?

If you’re on a budget (max £200) and only require 2 stereo inputs I can recommend the Steinberg/Yamaha UR22.

I bought the original UR22 nearly 10 years ago and it’s a solid bit of kit with a low latency Yamaha ASIO driver.

I also have a UAD Volt 2 which was working well until it started making crackling noises on the main volume (6 months old!). Their requirement to also install their own bloatware to download drivers is a negative for me.

I tried the Solid State Logic SSL2 but that nearly blew my amp with loud crackles (straight out the box) so that was returned immediately. It may have been a “one off” but the near-destruction of my sound system put me off exchanging it for another unit!

Hope this helps


Or if your not on a tight budget RME Babyface pro fs. I use this and it’s very flexible with great low latency drivers

Nowadays, the Focusrite Scarlett seems to be the reference for a low budget audio interface with great preamps.

I’d recommend to check the used market in your area.
About any 2nd-hand $100-$150 interface from a reputable company will bring a good (or huge) improvement over your built-in PC sound.