i need a tape effect ..where can i ....

hi guys !
how do i get that effect where it souds as if the tape has been pressed on its spindle so much that it comes to a halt … i have heard this on a few hits in the past but not really taken much notice … till now that is … i want that tape stop effect for one song only … so buying a plug in (if one exists ) is not yet in my budget …
can i do this in cubase ???
thanks in advance :smiley:


thanks very much

In Cubase!

AUDIO > Process > PitchShift > Envelope…

more Infos:


Aloha C and thanks for that.

wow !
now were rocking … thank you all so much … i got two options now and they both work …
i love this place …
thanks again …

There are some very smart/clever minds that hang here.