I need help changing the tempo of a stereo track in Cubase

I bounced a track to a 2 bus but decided the song is a little slow. I went in Cubase 12, opened the track, in a new session. I then created a tempo track. Based on videos on Youtube, I have to change the track from linear to musical. However even when I went to the manual i cannot find how to get the musical note to show up on the track on the Project window. Its not there and I can’t figure out how to add it in. When I go to the Tempo track and just move the time up, the song remains at the same tempo.

I would appreciate if someone could explain what I need to do.
Thank you

UPDATE: SO I went into the Audio Pool and checked off the musical box that is there. Now when I move the tempo track timing, the song speeds up. Is there another place you can go on the project window to change the track from linear to musical. I thought an older version of Cubase it showed the musical note on the project page on each track and you could turn it on or off. I don’t see how I can view it on the project page.

You are getting confused between Musical Mode and Musical/Linear Timebase (which is easy to do).

Here’s how they work

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