I Need Help to create simple worksheets for piano with Dorico 3.5

I purchased Dorico 3.5 as I wanted to write worksheets for my (piano) students in view of collecting them (the worksheets) and compile them into a book.
However, I can’t seem to make sense of it all. All the help online is about big scores and complex things. I want to be able to do a simple piano worksheet with a simple layout, a couple of pictures and 5/6 exercises of one line each per page (literraly for beginners. THere is a video on youtube but it uses an older version of Dorico and the master pages do not work in the same way. I am a little lost.
Could someone be kind enough to give me some pointers?

Can you provide the link to the video you watched so we can better understand where you started and what you were trying to do?

This is what I would like to do. I can do 5 separate flows but I can never find a nice layout. I find it difficult to fit them all in the same page and have them all fit nicely etc…

Here’s a blank Dorico project (on this page) that might help you. Dorico Resources — Dan Kreider