I need help urgent - Dorico crashed, file doesn't open

Hi, while I was finishing a score Dorico crashed and now it doesn’t open the file, even old files from yesterday. This problem happens only with the score I was editing. I was doing the final adjustments on layout and told the orchestra I would send the files today :astonished: . I sent an email to Daniel with the file but I hope someone from the team could see this message to help me. I’m desperate.

If others files can be opened (and therefore re-installing Dorico is unlikely to help). Try the following

Make a copy of the file
Add a .zip extension to it
Open the zip
delte the “supplementary_data” folder
remove the zip extension
open the Dorico file.

I this works, all VST info will have been lost as well as graphics, but it’s a small price to pay

I’ve tried that, but didn’t work. Other files open, but not older files from this score.

Just reporting that Filipe was able to open an old file after all

UPDATE: I managed to open a version older than yesterday. What changed from then was that I bought and installed NotePerformer. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the problem, but I think this information could be useful.

Thank you Claude for your help.

UPDATE2: The problem is not solved…

The file opened…it happened to be saved showing the triangle part only. When I tried to switch to fullscore, Dorico hanged again.

I think that reformatting after importing the flows may be your best option atm …

Yes, you are right. :cry:

Filipe contacted me by email as well and we’re looking into the problem at the moment. It’s something to do with the trills in the project, which have seemingly exposed a bug. We’ll get in touch with Filipe directly when we have more information.