I Need help with Macro Key Command and Project Logical Editor

I have created a key command to copy and paste a section that I have selected with the object range tool. Once it pastes, I want it to be selected. When I add the function to “select Event” within the macro, it does not select. Ultimately, I want to select a portion of my audio track with the object selection tool, then copy and paste it on to itself, select it, then use a Project Logical Editor Preset to colorize this new pasted piece of audio.

So far, I can do the copy/paste function using a macro I created …and I have also created a Project Logical Editor preset to colorize it, but this object needs to be selected in order for it to colorize it.
I need help to get my pasted event to select itself in my macro (so my Project Logical Editor preset can colorize it). I’m trying to create 1 macro to accomplish all of this with 1 key stroke after I make a selection with the object selection tool. Any help will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

It must be preceded by a switch back the the select tool.

You lost me in the second paragraph, but in any case I would ask if you have done this manually. That’s to say, without using a macro and just typing commands on the keyboard.

This has helped me figure out alternate ways of getting somewhere.

Then, you possibly can see which command doesn’t work (or is unavailable) when you build the macro.