i need help !

I’m relatively new and I use Cubase 5
I have some problems I had to solve to start
I really would like your help!

There are some things I have to help them

  1. I’m recording Cubase STEREO if I try to mono recording anything that’s not just a quiet no matter what
  2. When I record really hear weak I do not know why, even when singing really close to the microphone
  3. recording only hear the right speaker monitor
  4. do not hear yourself when recording the headphones only if you really, really sing about the microphone and hear even weak

you can create a mono audio track to record into (good for mics)

you can adjust the gain of the mic using your sound card’s control panel, or your mixing desk’s gains

you should check that your mic doesn’t need phantom power - and if it does that whatever you are plugging it into is providing it.

hope this helps