I need help!

OK, so I am clueless. I imported a midi file created by Dorico with a clarinet and a guitar.
NotePerformer got converted to Halion nicely I thought.
When I tried to add a smooth pitchbend it said “Ramps not supported … set to Any”
I changed the channel on the Clarinet track to 1 and set it to patch Clarinet.
I changed the channel on the Guitar track to 2 and set it to patch Nylon Guitar.
As soon as I start playback, track 1 reverts to Piano and track 2 reverts to Tremolo Strings.
The first picture shows my screen prior to starting playback.
The second picture shows my screen after starting playback.
Any ideas as what I am doing wrong?

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I guess there is a program change programmed into your MIDI data.
I had this as well in the past, but can’t remember how I resolved it.

If it’s due to a Program Change, one can open the MIDI part in List Editor and remove the Program Change event from there.

Thanks, I found it.

No problem. st10ss really figured out the problem, so it’d be more correct to check his post as the solution.