I need helping upgrading my Cubase LE5 to LE12

I never received my email with the Download Access Code.
I first registered with Cubase way back in 2009 with my old yahoo email account. It turns out that yahoo deleted all of my emails due to inactivity so I didn’t get the download access code when the update came. I do have a registered cubase LE5 on my steinberg account and elicenser.

I am installing cubase on a new laptop now so have reactivated my yahoo email.

I need a download access code so I can install and use Cubase LE12.

I find contacting support is impossible via the website, it keeps sending me in circles and I can’t figure out how to submit a support ticket so I am posting here.

Thanks for any assistance.

I see the following on the steinberg website:

All registered Cubase AI and Cubase LE customers (version 4 or higher) are entitled to update to the latest version, Cubase AI 12 / Cubase LE 12.


As a registered Cubase AI / Cubase LE user, you should have received an email containing a Download Access Code for Cubase AI 12 / Cubase LE 12 a few weeks after the release of Cubase 12 in March 2022. Due to the [new licensing scheme], this code allows you to activate the new license on up to three computers using the.

If you have not yet received an email with the Download Access Code for Cubase AI 12 / Cubase LE 12 even though an eligible Cubase AI / Cubase LE license is registered with your MySteinberg account, please contact our support team.

Hi @Michael_MacManus, I added a Cubase LE 12 to your account. You can just install it now and get started.

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