i Need link for HAlion one and embracer synth !

i have many projects using Halion one sounds and embracer synth(from cubase 5, as i sold the C5 discs and didn’t make a copy of Halion one :blush: ) which are not included with cubase 7, i can’t contact support by email as i can’t reach them from my country, and i can’t find them anywhere in steinbergs site.
is a moderator here can send me please a downloadable link to those ?
i think its in general its a good practice to include those VST on FTP as compatibility with older cubase projects, as i saw some other users requests for those !!

I use Embracer inside Cubase 7 and 7.5 with sucess. I had to copy a few files from Cubase 6:


I did the same with Monologue.

Well, i could use then with success in cubase 7 too, if i only had them ! :unamused: :wink:

Maybe I can send those files to you. Are you interested?

Thanks,i can live without Embracer which i use only 2 pads from it in one project, i really need Halion one which lot of older project are using it, no way to get this as i cant even contact support from my country, and i bought cubase from Ebay.

maybe ill just go and download the cracked cubase 5 just to install halion one ! well its a workaround :unamused:
no mods cares about it so why should i !!

You have a Cubase 7.5 license, why not download Cubase 5 from the Steinberg site (your license covers old versions of Cubase). If you want to risk putting a ‘cracked’ version on your machine, have at it. That’s not the brightess solution. :unamused: