I need some help on piano part


I would like to have the correct playback of the piano part in the attached image. What happen now is that the dynamic marks in the bass take over the ones in the treble.

How can I fix it?


My guess is that you will need to finesse the issue either by creating separate players on separate staves and grouping them with a brace or
(and I would try this first)

  • using a different voice in treble and bass clef (at least for the difficult passage, showing voice colors will help here)
  • sending each voice to a different VST slot
  • fill the two slots with separate instances of the piano sound.

Since the two voices would be on different MIDI channels, you should be able to control dynamics separately even if the two channels use (separate instances of) the same sound.

If dynamics are being driven with velocity (being a piano and all) instead of CCs, all it takes if for you to attach the dynamic to the voice instead of the global rhythmic position, by doing Alt+Enter instead of just Enter when you’re done with the popover.

I’m curious as to why the lower stave is overriding the upper stave on dynamics. Were the dynamics in the lower stave entered first?

I struggle with the different VST slots approach for a Piano. In theory it should work fine, but in practice the playback of aspects like tied notes across different voices and pedalling no longer behave as they should. Alt+Enter is a better approach because those elements continue to work, but Alt+Enter can’t cope with multiple voices on the same stave, within the overall framework of a Grand stave (or at least, I haven’t managed to get it to work). However, if you’ve only got one voice on each stave, I find it works a treat.

Alt+Enter handles individual voices absolutely fine as long as you’re entering dynamics from the caret. If you’re not entering dynamics from the caret, Dorico doesn’t know which voice you’re pointing the dynamic at. As to why general dynamics on the top stave override the bottom stave: Dorico thinks in instruments, not staves. It’s just how it works.

Thanks Leo, entering Alt-Enter via the carat works perfectly.

Thank you for your help.