I need some help

I want to know how to put samples in a piano roll, please help!!!

what you want is to trigger a sample just by a note in the piano roll, right? so, first you need a drumcomputer- plugin, in cubase basically is arranged a plug-in for that purpose. it´s called Groove Agent (availible in different versions). load this plugin into one MIDI-track as the Output, in the inspector. usually the plug-in surface get now opened, if not click on the little piano-symbol in the inspector underneath the Input-/Output-routings. and the next step is related to what kind of Cubase version, you actually got. if you got 8 or 8.5 it´s still able to do that. now drag n drop the file from any folder or your desktop into one of quater panels into the interface of this plug-in. that´s it. now you can use this sample as a note in the related piano roll, or you can even select parts of the sample by setting the start and end marker, so that when you play the related note, you will hear the piece of the sample, you have select or choose.

You need a sampler VSTinstrument to load the samples.

yes, svennilennigot right,you need a sampler, but for the instant, you´ll probably not got a good sampler as well as sampler are in the most cases very complex. Halion from Cubase is very complex. so just for the moment, to get your demands come true fastly, it would be the best idea to get this effect with a drum-machine-plug-in. for distance, you´ll need a sampler,