I need some recommendations on x64 bell/synth plugins

In December I still had Cubase AI 8, so I could use 32bit plugins. Now I have to use 64bit, and so I need to find a new plugin.

I do not want to bridge - I will just be staying behind in technological advancement as of Cubase’s standards. I want a plugin that is natively 64 bit.

The amazing plugin I had for bell/synth was “TheoK BellSynth 2”, it had so many configurations and sliders and buttons to get that EXACT sound I wanted, and I really wish there is a 64bit version of that plugin somewhere out there on the vast internet

But as of now, all I want is a bell/synth plugin. Or separate, that works too.

Have you tried the ones in Halion Sonic SE? If I search for the term “bells” I get a list of 42 of them. Easily configurable using the options available.

Problem is… I’m not 100% sure if the instrument sound content of the Halion Sonic SE that comes with CB Elements 9 has the same instrument sounds that are included with CB Pro 9. I would think they are. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

When having second thoughts now, I can’t remember having played around too much with Halion Sonic SE… Will see what I can make of the sound configurations available in there, thanks for the tip ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)