I need the cubase pro 11.0.30 installer for MacOS 10.3.6

Where can I get the cubase pro 11.0.30 installer who can send me a link , just the main application file is ok thanks very much. my email [email deleted]

That is difficult to do.

May I ask what requires you to install that older version?

because my computer is mac os 10.13.6 . cubase 11.0.30 work on it

Hm. Maybe @Martin.Jirsak has some idea about this?

just hope someone has the installer share me


It has been discussed here on the forum already. I don’t remember the exact solution… But if I remember right, the VST Connect plug-in is not compatible. So if you remove this one, it should work.

Please, search the forum.

cubase 11.0.40 can not work on mac OS .13.6 .so you mean remove the vst plugins?

He is saying remove the plugin called “VST Connect”

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where is the vet connect plugin in , I can not find it

I know how to delete the vst connect now, but to delete the vst connect need to open the cubase pro11, but my matter is I can not open the cubase pro 11.0.40, but if the 11.0.10 is ok, I can run the cubase 11.0.10 well

no found the vst connect


/Applications/Cubase 11.app/Contents/Components/