I need the notes displayed to be different from the midi notes

Hi, is it possible to lock midi events but edit the score independently? Normally it is sufficient to just quantise the score display, but I find that tremolo and glissando events cannot be made to display exactly the way I want them even if I use the “Build Trill” function (the result is better than nothing, but still not quite right). It would be better if I could lock the midi events completely in a given measure (there is no need to lock the whole track), and then alter the score independently, so I was wondering if this is possible.


No, it’s not possible. You cannot open any editor of locked MIDI Part.

Okay thanks. Is it possible to change the score but leave the midi unaffected some other way?


In the Score Editor, you can setup the Display Quantize, what might help in your use case.

Sadly that doesn’t work. Here’s a (live played) glissando with the display quantize set to 1/64.

Here’s the same glissando with the display quantize set to 1/4
Neither of them are any good for a printed score, which should look more like this
It seems I can either have it sounding correct, or looking correct, but not both at the same time, would that be true?

In fact I can’t even have it looking correct, because the glissando tool doesn’t have adjustable endpoints. You just get this:

Regarding getting it to look correct, I have discovered you can get a better result by just using the line tool and ignoring the glissando tool. However the playback problem remains.


I’m afraid you cannot achieve this in Cubase.

@Eridani This can indeed be done, and is one of the fundamental concepts designed into the Score Editor: being able to change the note display without changing midi.

Hide all the note except for the first and last of your real glissando. Then, insert the line between the two remaining notes.

If you need to hide some rests, or correct rhythms, change them graphically, and don’t change the midi.


Steve, fantastic, that’s it, many thanks. In a similar vein, is it possible to have a note in the score which has no midi associated with it whatsoever, or can that only be done by setting note velocity to zero?

Yes, this is known in Cubase as a graphic note. The manual is good.

Changing a note type to graphic has no effect on playback as far as I can tell, I still have to set the velocity to zero, or mute them, to stop the note from sounding - which is not a problem as it gets the job done, I just wondered if that was the only way. I mainly need it for a piano tremolo. I can build a tremolo using “build trill”, but whether or not you select “help note” I don’t get exactly what I want to be printed. A better result can be obtained by hiding the whole tremolo and building one from scratch, however the ‘new tremolo’, I don’t want to play, so its velocity has to be set to zero, or muted, even if its notes are set to ‘graphic.’

You can mute “added” midi notes to represent tremolo, without turning them into graphics. Then hide the midi notes that will play the tremolo


@Danix78 Yes that’s great, many thanks. I was just worried that there was some other way I had not discovered. I can’t flag two answers as being the solution, but what you say looks like it is the best (in fact the only) way to get the job done as regards the tremolo.